Vine Leaves Home Cooking

Learn Vegan and Arabic/Middle Rastren home cooking at your home :
Please note that we do not cook pretend vegan dishes. All the vegan dishes are original dishes from ME.
 (V)  Vegan Dishes 

Herb, green anad tamatos salad (V)
Fatosh (V)
Taboulah (V)

Aubergine Dip (V)
Chic peas dip (V)
Ful dip (V)
Falafel' (V)

Main :
Lamb and veg or chicken and veg stew with rice
Kabsa (lamb, beef or chicken)
Kabsa (V)
Roast Lamb
Roast Chicken
Dolmas  (V)
Rice (V) Several Verities  of rice 
Vegitable baryani (V)
Other Dishes :
Kubiz (bread) making,
Lahma Bil Ajeen

Ask if you like other recipes 
Also, you can Choose your favourite veg
Peasant Food

Sessions of Arabs and Middle Easren Passents Food is also can be arranged. Please ask if interested .

Typical Choice of  a set Meal :

One starter
One from Others Dishes
One main
One to One 300 pounds.
Two 450 Pounds
Three 600 Pounds
For more , please ask for the price.

Vine Leaves provides all ingredients and to use your kitchen with all the cooking facilities to cook in and your dining room to eat in.

If you like to arrange a home cooking session, please fill out and send below form and we will reply to you  soon :
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